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    Copa Sudamericana 2003

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Cienciano Soccer Club (Cienciano SC) is a formally approved Japanese branch of the distinguished pro soccer team "Club Cienciano" in South America (headquarters: Cuzco, Peru) which has 100 years of history and once participated in the Copa Libertadores.
I, Juan Flores, am the Director of Cienciano SC who had once been a member of Club Cienciano. I coach every class in a very unique method compared to the one widely adopted by the existing Japanese soccer clubs.

In June 1996, I founded a soccer school called "Flores International Soccer Club" in Tokyo in order to introduce the South American methods. In November 2000, we exchanged a contract with Club Cienciano in Cuzco, Peru and acquired the right of representation in Japan and the monopoly royalty of a name and logo of "Club Cienciano" was approved by the Peruvian Soccer Federation. We changed the name of our soccer club to "Club Cienciano" then.

Our soccer team is not registered at any soccer association in Japan. As such, we do not participate in the regular-season games. However, we do have so much other opportunities: In June 2001, our team of primary school children made an expedition to Italy and won a third place. We welcome boys who belong to other soccer clubs and help them develop their roles as a leader in their clubs.

Cienciano SC puts emphasis on improvement in individual skills.
I adopt so-called South-American methods in order to help students fully develop their potentials. Looking back the past, children played soccer in a place like near-by parks or back streets without a coach. They learned soccer by themselves. Please think about a superstar like Pele and Maradona, who were only good at one skill. Nonetheless to say, they had the "capabilities" to exert their talent fully and that made them a real super player. I will do my best to provide an environment in which everyone will be given the chance to improve their skills and help them bring out their potentials.

Cienciano Soccer Club is open to every child who loves soccer. I would be very much pleased if you would join us and enjoy soccer.

Juan Flores Salvatierra - Director of Cienciano SC

During the lessons

Jorge "Koki" Hirano y Juan Flores with their students