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    Copa Sudamericana 2003

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Adult League

Join Us!
Cienciano Soccer Club is pleased to invite all soccer players with good skill conditions, and that are interested in taking part in the soccer team that our institution is planning to register in the Japanese Football Association for taking part in the Tokyo Professional League from 2004, to come and participate in the selection we will make as specified in the table below.

The player selection will be made by Cienciano Soccer Club Director and former pro-soccer player of Peruvian Cienciano Juan Flores, as well as by former pro-soccer player and former Peru National team player Jorge Hirano. After the player selection has been made both of them will carry on with the respective training and coaching.

The selected players will take part in the professional team and the most skilled players will be able to receive scholarship from our institution in the future.

Everyone is welcome! Come and join us!

Date: From November 23, 2003
Time: 12pm
Place: Aoyama Koen, Tokyo-to, Minato-ku, Roppongi 7-23
Contact: Juan Flores at 090-6514-1721
Jorge Hirano at 090-2411-0828
CÚsar Luis Manyari at 090-2151-9967
and Rudi Diaz at 090-4940-3716
TEL: 03-3408-4156
FAX: 03-3408-4167