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    Copa Sudamericana 2003

    Recopa Sudamericana 2004

About The School


Juan Flores, Director of the Club, used to be a pro soccer player in Peru. He makes full use of his knowledge to help children improve their skills by introducing the methods, which he has acquired through his own experiences. He plays an active role in helping the young talents pursing their goals.

Juan Flores believes that both parents and children must have a clear will before starting soccer. For example, ask yourself a question like, "Why do I practice soccer?", "What would I like to get through this practice?", "How is my condition?", "What is my goal to aim for?" and so on. You will be able to set a concrete target by asking yourself those questions from time to time. Eventually you will grow up with self-confidence, and unshakable beliefs will bring out your talent, which will help you further improve your skills. Have some immediate targets to aim for and do your best. If you can reach the initial target, then gradually you will be able to reach a higher one.

Activities and Features

  • Main activities of Cienciano SC
  • Management of children soccer club (3 to 12 years old)
  • Visits to the whole region of Japan to conduct soccer lessons (for both children and adults)
  • Planning of soccer events
  • Arrangements for programmes for overseas expeditions
  • Helping students to learn soccer abroad
  • Features of Cienciano SC
  • A proposal of a soccer programme, which is not restricted by the existing methods
  • Emphasis on the improvement in individual skills
  • Applying the method adopted in South America
  • Positive participation in international matches

School Information

Name Cienciano Soccer Club
(Japanese affiliation to Peruvian pro team, "Club Cienciano", founded in 1901 - Cuzco, Peru)
Director Juan Flores Salvatierra
Official Certificates Football-coach D-License Certificate - Japan Football Association

Certificates of attendance of Class C courses for soccer coaches
Certificate 1
Certificate 2
Representative office in Japan 202-4-15-28 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062
Telephone 03 3408 4156
Fax 03 3408 4167
Main training places Aoyama :
Metropolitan Aoyama Park (Roppongi 7 chome, Minato-ku)
Aobadai :
Yokohama Aoba Sports Square (24-1 Shimoya Honcho, Aoba-ku)

Juan Flores at a soccer related speech

Students listen carefully to the instructions

Children from all ages take part in the lessons enthusiastically

Juan Flores instructs young soccer players